Historical Moment for Brazil!

José Dirceu Escorted by Federal Police

Brazilian supreme court has mandated the immediate imprisonment of eleven politicians involved in curruption during the government Lula.

First of all, this topic should not be used by other parties for political purposes. The ones that are mostly celebrating the sentence, PSDB supporters, should remember that the CPI (parlamentary investigation) has determined that the mensalão has cost R$ 10 million to the country. It may have been more, however, only the propinoduto, operation to steal money from the state of São Paulo in the PSDB government, has cost the state US$ 50 million ( ~ R$ 110 million), according to investigations concluded in Europe, destination of great part of the stolen money

Having said that, the moment is definitely historic! It’s one of those few things that still gives us hope in Brazil: the independence of the three powers, even though it’s often debatable.

Impunity is THE biggest problem of Brazil as a nation! It’s the fuel for all of the curruption that criples the country and causes that no money is left to invest in areas with screaming needs, such as: healthcare, education, infrastructure, public transportation etc.

Curruption in Brazil is so widespread due to the complete awareness from politicians that they are never going to suffer any consequence like being caught and going to jail. In the worst case, they lose their term and come back in the next election. Or retire with a fat checking account.

For that reason, the moment is historic! The case sets a precedent and shows politicians that they can indeed go to jail. Now, that doesn’t mean everything is going to change and curruption is over in Brazil. Far from that. But they will think twice now before getting into ilicit behavior.

To get permanent results, we need more! We need serious investitgations also in the state and municipal levels so this doesn’t become just a flag for the next elections in 2014. The case brings hope of a Brazil with less curruption in the future. This is indeed something to fight for in the popular riots: the of impunity! It’s the best way to fight for a better Brazil for the next generations.

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Brazil Inflation

Below you will find the main Brazilian inflation indexes in the recent months, as well as the accumulated in the last two years and in the last 12 months.

Wondering what each of indexes mean? Find out what they mean here. Or find more about the perspective for the Brazilian Inflation and interest rate moving forward

jan/18 deC/17 Accumulated in
2018 * 2017 12 months *
IPCA (IBGE) 0,44 2,95 2,95
INPC (IBGE) 0,26 2,07 2,07
IPCA-15 (IBGE) 0,39 0,35 0,39 2,94 3,02
IPCA-E (IBGE) 0,35 2,94 2,94
IGP-DI (FGV) 0,74 -0,42 -0,42
Núcleo do IPC-DI (FGV) 0,33 3,17 3,17
IPA-DI 1,07 -2,52 -2,52
IPC-DI 0,21 3,23 3,23
INCC-DI 0,07 4,25 4,25
IGP-M (FGV) 0,89 -0,52 -0,52
IPA-M 1,24 -2,55 -2,55
IPC-M 0,30 3,14 3,14
INCC-M 0,14 4,02 4,02
IGP-10 (FGV) 0,79 0,90 0,79 -0,42 -0,51
IPA-10 1,06 1,22 1,06 -2,40 -2,42
IPC-10 0,36 0,29 0,36 3,24 3,05
INCC-10 0,08 0,30 0,08 4,15 3,92
IPC (FIPE) 0,55 2,27 2,27
ICV (DIEESE) 0,15 2,44 2,44

Sugar and Ethanol Producer? Cosan is much more than that nowadays!

Cosan’s most known business is indeed Ethanol and Sugar production. That’s how the company started and they are still the largest producer in Brazil and a major player worldwide. However, due to volatility in these commodities’ prices, Cosan’s management has been diversifying its activities in the last few years and now half of it’s EBITDA comes from other businesses.

Cosan today operates on production, transportation and distribution of renewable energy sources. They prospect land, grow and process sugarcane, distribute fuels, transport and sell sugar on the domestic and international markets and produce and sells lubrificants. It is the world’s first vertically integrated bioenergy company. The below image, shows the different parts of the company:

Cosan Group


In the fiscal year ending in March, 31st, 2013, the company reported only 20% of its EBITDA from Raízen Combustíveis, the traditional Sugar and Ethanol business. Revenue and EBITDA were distributed as follows:

Cosan Numbers 2013














Other Business above is composed of manufacturing and distribution activities for the Mobil and Comma brands, base oil distribution and the corporate structure of Cosan, except Raízen.

Exchange rate was around BRL 2 for US$ 1 at the end of FY2013.

Cosan Ltd.

The diversified and vertical business model adopted by Cosan provides a much more stable operating environment. Furthermore, Cosan operates with renewable energy and presentes several areas for growth in the next decade or two. Overall, the company deserves a 4-star EBI Rating.

ADR Ticker CZZ
Bovespa Ticker CSAN3, CZLT33
Investor Relations Website http://ri.cosan.com.br/Default.aspx?linguagem=en
Industry* Renewable Energy
EBI Rating 4-star