Investing in Bradesco: building on its presence

Bradesco is the third-largest bank in Brazil. Unlike in most developed countries where small banks and credit unions are always present, in Brazil, the bank industry has a well-established oligopoly, where the 4 major banks have around 70% of the market share together. This oligopoly along with the high switching-cost in the banking industry gives these 4 banks a good pricing advantage.

The bank industry in Brazil is also conservatively regulated and highly lucrative, with spreads north of 10%. These two factors reduce considerably the risk for small investors in these banks.

Bradesco has over $800 Billion in assets and ROE around 20%. Its main two segments are banking and insurance, with each contributing almost equally to the company’s bottom-line.

With 4600 branches throughout the country, Bradesco is the only of the major banks to be present in every city in Brazil. This strong presence will allow Bradesco to take advantage of Brazil’s growth over the next decades.

Easy Brazil Investing Rating

Bradesco’s competitive advantage is built on its presence, brand, scale, high switching-cost and the oligopoly in the industry. These factors along with the exposure to a fast-growing market, grant Bradesco the highest EBI Rating: 5 stars.

Banco Bradesco S.A.

ADR Ticker BBD
Bovespa Ticker BBDC3, BBDC4
Latibex Ticker XBBDC
Industry* Banks, Insurance
EBI Rating 5-star

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